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Photographer's Guide to Posing and Styling Men Pack

$ 30.00

This pack includes the Photographer's Posing Guide for Men and the Photographer's Styling Guide for Men at a discounted price for the pair.

Photographer's Posing Guide for Men (PDF)

This guide to posing men is filled with high quality posing examples to help inspire you to create the perfect men's portrait session. In this guide, you'll find standing poses, sitting poses, laying poses, desk poses, wall poses and hand posing. You'll be provided with useful descriptions and camera settings. This is an essential reference guide for novice or even experienced photographers. This is a digital download and is in PDF format. The guide includes 35 poses.


Photographer's Styling Guide For Men (PDF)

In this introduction to Men's styling, Jeff Rojas covers the perfect suit fit & styling tips for larger subjects.


*Note that most of this information can be found in Photographing Men (ISBN-13: 978-0134433059)

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