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Learn to Light - A Photographer's Guide to Studio Lighting

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A Photographer's Guide to Studio Lighting

They say you should write the book you needed when you were a kid. Instead, I wrote the eBook I needed when I first picked up a camera - an eBook on understanding light. Whether you're a passionate photographer or you're interested in learning studio lighting, Learn to Light - A Photographer's Guide to Studio Lighting is just the guide you need. In this eBook, I'll dissect lighting into an easy to understand and easy to replicate formula to help you learn quickly and take your photography to the next level.

In this eBook, I'll cover everything from the gear that you'll need, how to understand light, important lighting terminology, the laws of physics made easy, important lighting modifiers you'll need, and I'll provide you with one, two, and three light setups for portraits. All of this information is broken down in a simple, digestible format - Keep it Simple Stupid.

183 pages | eBook 8.5×11 in. (Perfect for home print)

Release Date: September 15th, 2017

Coming Soon! This book has not yet published.

  1. Introduction
  2. Gear & Equipment Needs
  3. Understanding Light & Camera Settings
  4. Light Terminology
  5. The Laws of Physics Made Easy
  6. Lighting Modifiers
  7. Grip Equipment
  8. 1-Light Studio Portraits
  9. 2-Light Studio Portraits
  10. 3-Light Studio Portraits
  11. Final Thoughts

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